Climate Control

What is Climate Control?

Climate controlled units have the same basic appearance as our other storage units. They share the same basic steel and concrete construction; however, the walls carry thick insulation and each individual unit receives a blast of conditioned air from multiple furnaces and air conditioners.

What should I store in the Climate Controlled Units?

Most tenants choose to store all their possessions in Climate Controlled units, taking advantage of keeping themselves out of the harsh elementswhen they need to access their storage unit. However, you may desire to store your electronic items (computers, tv, stereo, etc.) and any paper and cloth products in the climate control units.

Is it more difficult to load my possessions in the Climate Control buildings?


Not at all.  You simply park your car by one of the many entrances to the Climate Control buildings.  The entrance doors are 6" larger than any door in your home, the aisles are 5' wide and we have loading carts available in these buildings, all the perks that make transporting big and bulky items into your new unit a piece of cake!

How much more does a Climate Control unit cost?

Less than you would think. Mill Creek has set an unbelievably low premium for our climate control units. 
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