SECURITY at Mill Creek

Mini Storage in Anderson, IN

Mill Creek uses a comprehensive system for security. While we can't tell you all of our security features, the following table does explain some of the more obvious components.
'Fortress' Design with supplemental fencing Our buildings act as fences, creating a fortress to keep out trespassers.  Between the buildings we use a 6' chain link fence topped with barbed wire.
Computerized Access Control A computerized keypad entry system restricts access.  Only current tenants may enter the facility with a proper individual identity code.
Video Surveillance Strategically mounted cameras record site activity 'round the clock. 
Individual Door Alarms Each unit has its own alarm. Linked to our computer, we're able to tell who and when a tenant enters, how long they stay and when they leave.  Tenants can only access their individual unit.
Dusk to Dawn Lighting Lights come on based on darkness and stay on all night.  Lights are mounted every 35' on the buildings to brighten your unit.
Emergency Telephone An phone box for emergencies is located on site.


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