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 What are the largest and smallest spaces available?

  What if my need for more or less space changes?

  Any help in determining what size storage I'll need?

  What are Climate Controlled units?


Facility Features

  What are the access hours?

  Is there enough light to access my storage at night?



  Can I use my own lock?

  What kind of fences are at Mill Creek?

  Does each unit have a security sensor?

  Can my friends access my storage unit?

  What are 'pass codes'?



Making Storage Easier

  Where can I get boxes and packing supplies?

  How can I make my move easier?

  How about a Rental Truck?



  What are my options as far as lease length?

  Do I need a separate insurance policy?

  How do I make my payments?

  How do I move out?


Odds and Ends

  Why do companies rent storage space?

  Can I store blankets, clothing and paper items?

  Can I store my car/boat/motorcycle?

  1. Units

    1. What are the largest and smallest spaces available?
    We have an extensive variety of sizes. You can rent a space as small as a 5' x 5' that is 4 feet high. This space can be used for the storage of seasonal items including clothing, electronics or paper records. We also have 5' x 5' units that are full height, which is 8'6" tall. This is about the size of a closet and is convenient for storing the overflow from a garage or the odds-and-ends that won't quite squeeze into a closet.
    A 12' x 30' unit is the largest space we have and it will store the contents of a 4-bedroom home. We also have a 10' x 30' available that will accomodate the contents of a 3-4 bedroom home, and a special feature with these units is that they have a door at both ends. This allows access to your possessions without having to climb over them.

    2. What if my need for more or less space changes?
    We will be glad to transfer you payment into a unit more suitable in size. The facility was designed so that adjacent sizes are closely located. Additionally, we provide the use of a four-wheeled flat cart to assist with your transfer. When you transfer, any rent you paid for the current month is applied to the new unit. You then pay the difference or earn credit toward your next month's rent.

    3. Any help in determining what size storage I'll need?
    Look at sizes larger and smaller than what you think you'll nee. If you determione a unit is definitely too large, select the next size smaller. Remember, we can transfer you to another unit if your storage circumstances change. Check out our Storage Size Selector.

    4. What are Climate Controlled Units?
    We have a number of units that are heated and cooled by multiple furnaces and air conditioners. Not only are your valuable possessions protected from extremes in temperature and humidity, but so are you. During snowy or rainy periods, you can search through your stored items in a comfortable indoor environment. Climate Control not only protects your possessions, but you feel more comfortable when you access your unit. See Climate Control

    Facility Features
    5. What are the access hours?
    You can access the facility anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since the facility uses an electronic access system you can enter your unit anytime.

    6. Is there enough light to access my storage at night?
    Our lighting consultant recommended lights mounted on the storae buildings, which allows light to enter each storage unit. We think
    he provided us with too much light, and if you visit the facility at night we think you'll agree. Our lights come on at dusk and remain on until dawn.
    The Climate Controlled buildings have over 50 fluorescent lights that automatically turn on when you enter.

    7. Can I use my own lock?
    Certainly. You may want to consider the purchase of a disc lock, designed to be difficult for a thief to cut; however, the choice is yours. The $9 disc lock we offer retails for $13 locally; our $5 lock retails for $7.

    8. What kind of system encloses the property?
    We use a combination of our buildings and standard chain link fences to enclose the facility. The buildings themselves act as a fortress design and for added security the chain link fence has barbed wire at the top. See Security.

    9. Does each unit have an individual alarm?
    Each unit is electronically connected to a computer system that determines if the appropriate tenant has entered the gated facility. Even though a tenant enters the facility, the tenant cannot open a unit that is not theirs without setting off that unit's alarm. See Site Photos.

    10. Can my friends access my storage unit?
    As long as you provide your friends with your unit number, private pass code and a key to your lock, they can enter the facility and access your unit. We will not divulge your pass code to anyone you personally have not listed on oyur rental agreement.

    11. What are pass codes?
    Each tenant selects their own numerical code to enter the facility and their individually alarmed unit. These pass codes enable the tenant tracking system and the security system to identify who has entered tha facility, their unit, how long they stay and when they leave.

    Making Storage Easier
    12. Where can I get boxes and other packing supplies?

    We offer boxes, tape, rope, markers, mattress covers and other packing/storage supplies. Look for specials on combinations of supplies when you are renting.

    13. How can I make moving easier?

    Don't try to move all your storage items at once. Rather than clutter your house or apartment waiting for the 'big weekend move,' begin moving your items to storage once you box them up. Mill Creek is open round-the-clock allowing you the opportunity to access your storage unit while out running errands, which takes the edge off the moving experience.

    14. How about a Rental Truck?
    GLad you asked! We offer the one-time free use of our 15' moving truck, waiving the rental fee provided you pay our nominal fee for insurance and mileage. You must be over 25 and insurable. See Site Photos.

    15. What are my options as far as lease length?
    Monthly contracts are the norm. We use 'Anniversary Date' Rentals....You due date is the same day of the month as when you moved in. (No need to worry about the
    1st or 30th of the month.)
    Discounts are offered for multiple month payments of rent.

    16. Do I need a seperate insurance policy?
    Check with your regular insurance agent. Most of the time your existing policies do not automatically cover items in a self storage facility. We can provide you with insurance forms from Deans and Homer, specialists in self storage insurance.

    17. How do I make payments?
    When you sign a lease you are required to pay the first month's rent at that time. There is no security deposit required. Your rent will be due on the same day each month, which will be the date you signed the lease and made the first month's payment. You can make your payments by mail, in person or through automatic credit card billing. After office hours, payments can be dropped through the mail slot on the front door to the office.

    18. How do I move out?
    We appreciate it when you notify us, which can be done after your have removed your items and swept out the unit.  Each storage unit has a move out tag that can be placed in the office when you officially move out.  Timely notification allows us to close your account and prevent future charges from being made to your account.  Any outstanding balances must be paid upon moving out. 

    Odds and Ends
    19. Why do companies rent storage space?
    First, the cost per square foot for self storage is considerably lower than what businesses pay for their office space.  Second, when seasonal merchandise arrives early, self storage can absorb the excess.  Finally, using a home office and a self storage space lets many small businesses operate with reduced overhead costs.  Remember, businesses can access and store merchandise at our facility anytime.

    20. How can I store blankets, clothing, business records and other paper items?
    We recommend you store all cloth and paper items in our Climate Controlled units. You may want to purchase mattress and chair/sofa covers to further protect these items. You can also store electronics, furniture and holiday decorations indoors. See Climate Control.

    21. Can I store my car/boat/motorcycle?

    Yes, we have a variety of storage units that will accomodate cars, motorcycles and boats. See Storage Size Selector.

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